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Extend the validity time of the first use verification code for PBE notification


Article ID: 256008


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Unable to extend the PBE notification from default value of 30 min to 24 hours or above.



Release : 10.8.0


1 - The recipient can request a new verification code from the sender.

2 - If the user requests a password reset via the web portal, the password reset link email is only valid for 30 minutes after the reset was requested.

Note : Verification Codes (the request that the recipient needs to get from the sender separately in order to enter it into the activation screen to be able to activate an account) expire one of two ways.  Either the recipient can manually expire the existing one by requesting a new one in its place, and they can do this at any time as long as they’re still able to access the activation screen itself (which is where that request is made to expire the current verification code), or the code expires along with the opportunity to activate itself, which is tied to the message expiry period, which is set to 30 days.

Regarding password recovery, where the user doesn’t know their password and is requesting a password recovery, then this is set to 30 minutes where 30 minutes from the time they requested the recovery, the link inside of the recovery email is valid.  If the link expires, then they’d need to request a new recovery password link.