How to access Serial console to SG-VA from another VM.
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How to access Serial console to SG-VA from another VM.


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We sometimes needs serial console access across Windows VM or Linux to SG-VA in the same ESXi hypervisor.


Vmware ESXi 6.5, 6.7, 7.0




Default Serial Port on the SG-VA is configured as Physical serial port.

*Please be aware when these settings have to change, VMs should be shutdown. 

It is used from when outside of Hypervisor is accessed, but another VM on the same Hypervisor cannot be used because physical serial port is occupied by SG-VA hence another VM cannot recognize it.

It can be changed to  Use named pipe. 

name is vary.

If the customer wants to use serial console from Windows VM. The serial port has to be configured as bellow.
( Windows10 for example )

Power On the Windows. COM1 ports should be available in the any terminal applications.

Then enter three times. Usual ProxySG menu screen shows up.



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