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ProxySG shows incorrect BCWF expiry date


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WebFilter ProxySG Software - SGOS


ProxySG UI shows incorrect BCWF expiry date under Maintenance -> Licensing -> Subscription.

Date shown on the GUI is different than the date displayed on the Entitlement Portal for BCWF entitlement.

This creates a confusion as which date needs to be considered as correct expiry date and what happens if the BCWF license gets expired?


Note : Proxy is not expected to show BCWF expiry date on the Proxy GUI.

However, proxy will unexpectedly fetch any such expiry date details only when the license is initialized and validated for the very first time on box.

Once it has fetched this information during initial validation it is displayed as it is under Maintenance -> Licensing -> Subscription.

It will not be removed with the subsequent license validation. Even manual re-installation of license from portal will not help in removing the same.

The reason for this is that there is no special code or function written in the license re-installation or validation process for removal of already fetched information.

Hence if the incorrect date is fetched on the device during initial license installation, then that information is not removed in future validations even if the date is corrected on the Entitlement Portal side.

Check below screenshot on how the unexpected display of BCWF expiry date looks - 


Note : Broadcom Entitlement Portal is the only place where the correct expiry date of your BCWF subscription is shown. Please rely on the expiry date shown on the Broadcom entitlement portal only.

Installing base license file manually or renewing the appliance-key certificate will not help in removing the incorrect information from proxy.

In a scenario where you notice incorrect date being displayed on the Proxy GUI and if it is different than the expiry date shown on the Entitlement Portal, you can implement below steps to remove this incorrect information from GUI - 

  1. Perform factory reset of the ProxySG device facing this issue. Refer factory reset instructions article here.
  2. Ensure that the Proxy Device is not having any internet connectivity to automatically download the license from entitlement portal.
  3. Manually download the ProxySG device base license from the entitlement portal. Please refer license download guide here.
  4. Install the downloaded license file on the ProxySG when the device is not connected to internet. Please refer to Method 2 from article here.
  5. After installing the license file manually, connect the proxysg device to internet so installed license can be validated.

Above steps will ensure that incorrect BCWF expiry date details are not fetched during initial license installation and the data shown is matching with the data from Entitlement Portal.

What happens if the BCWF license gets expired?

User traffic will not be directly impacted even if the BCWF license is actually expired. Please note, the BCWF license expiry will only stop BCWF database updates from getting downloaded.

Due to this, the proxy will not be able to update BCWF database. However, the proxy will still be able to categorize and process user traffic using existing downloaded database from the device.

You can check the existing database's download date and expiry date of existing database under ProxySG GUI -> Configuration -> Content Filtering -> Blue Coat -> License and Download status.