BCWF incorrect expiry displayed on Edge SWG
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BCWF incorrect expiry displayed on Edge SWG


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WebFilter ProxySG Software - SGOS


The Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) management console shows an incorrect Symantec WebFilter (formerly Blue Coat Web Filter, BCWF) expiry date under

Maintenance > Licensing > Subscription.

All SKUs that start with "BCWF-" are not part of Intelligence Services and the entitlement should not show under Maintenance > Licensing > Subscription. It should show only under Configuration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat if entitled.

This understandably creates confusion for administrators.  


Data was accidentally introduced in the backend database causing subscription services to identify BCWF as part of the Intelligence Services data on Edge SWG appliances. 

Edge SWG appliances use this data to display information in the UI under Maintenance > Licensing > Subscription. See the screenshot above.

Even though this is incorrectly displayed under subscription services, it doesn’t affect the functionality of Symantec WebFilter/BCWF.

Symantec WebFilter/BCWF entitlements should show only under Configuration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat.


Web Filtering functionality will not be affected as long the appliance has a valid BCWF.

You can check the existing BCWF database download date and expiry date under Configuration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat.

The data has been corrected to clear the database of any BCWF data in the intelligence Services data.

Note: To verify the correct expiry date of your BCWF subscription is shown, check the Broadcom Support portal under Entitlements. The expiry date is only reliably shown there.

If customers don't have a valid entitlement for BCWF they need to switch to BCIS. BCIS needs to be linked to the appliance.

BCIS will show under Licensing > Subscription tab ( Intelligence Service Bundles)

No action is needed from customers. The appliance will automatically update the Intelligence Services data.