Unable to get a result using logical views on large reports - 14.0 Web Viewer
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Unable to get a result using logical views on large reports - 14.0 Web Viewer


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It seems that we have a regression on the use of logical views inside Web Viewer r14.

Indeed, we currently have a 'Windows CAVIEW Server' in Production environment and the response is instantaneous when displaying reports (in native or logical view), even for reports of several thousand pages and millions of rows.

But with 'Web Viewer' the response is long and sometimes, depending on the selected index values, ​​it shows a message 'REPORT UNAVAILABLE' after several minutes.

We have the impression that Web Viewer does not use the index of logical view provided by CAVIEW but recalculates the data to display by itself.

There are a lot of '<167> J2Z_Invoke(ReportDataService) was called. Calling JNI method' in Web Viewer's log, and it seems to loop.

Depending on report size, sometimes it works or not.

I tried to find a parameter in web-viewer.cfg or Web Viewer feature CLI Utility, but I couldn't.


Release : 14.0


Web Viewer 14 currently has a known limitation that prevents random access to report data when using logical views.
The consequence of this is that accessing a logical view, the entire set of data is downloaded in the preview window, rather than just a small chunk like in the case of the NATIVE view.

There is a backlog work item to resolve this limitation and enable random access for logical views, which would fully resolve this issue, but that will not be available in the short term.

The error that you are observing happens when the amount of data being loaded into the preview is larger than a certain limit (~538 MB).
When this limit is reached the data becomes unavailable to the product logic in the browser and the result is the error that you are observing.

The only available workaround for this is to download the report using the Save report action, instead of using the in-browser preview window.

Short-term we plan to improve the user experience when accessing logical views, preventing overly long loads, but limiting the number of lines loaded in the preview and informing the user of this current limitation and the suggested workaround (Save report action)

This will be resolved by the new REACT UI which is currently under development and test.


Additional Information

case 33292346

The product owner has been made aware of the fact that you have encountered this issue to consider raising the priority of the work items that would completely remove this limitation from the product.