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We are noticing events are not being generated but the conditions seem to be met


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We are seeing events that say the threshold limiter is being breached semi-often. 80% 90%


All supported releases


The environment is overloaded, and/or the Threshold Monitoring configuration is too large


Review your current Threshold Monitoring environment.  You can begin reviewing and asking/answering the following questions.

  1. Begin reviewing the threshold profiles and rules you have.  
  2. Remove redundancies in profiles
  3. Remove any profiles that are no longer needed or provide little to no value
  4. Review the assigned groups.  (do they contain items/devices that need not be monitored?)
  5. Combine profiles and rules where it makes sense (do you need to monitor for 15 min and 20 min?)
  6. Trim down duration windows where possible (is it necessary to evaluate 60 minutes worth of data for multiple groups every 5 min, or can you lower the window and still get the needed results?)

Begin evaluating the overall environmental changes, and monitor the breaching 80% messages we were looking at to see if their frequency begins to decrease and, ideally, vanishes completely.