What are the Registry Keys Checked for No Pending System Reboot Options
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What are the Registry Keys Checked for No Pending System Reboot Options


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Software Management Solution


When viewing the advanced section, for a managed software delivery compliance and or remediation settings, you notice that there is an option that says No pending system reboot.  What are the registry keys that are checked when this option is selected?




Release : 8.6


The following registry keys will be checked:

//file renaming operations
Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations

// Because of computer role added
Component Based Servicing\RebootPending

// Because of Windows Update
Auto Update\RebootRequired 

We also track occasions of hostname change and domain join/disjoin.

You might be looking for this information because when you check a managed software delivery policy on your endpoint, you see that it says System reboot pending.

You might then reboot the endpoint, and look again and still see the same message.  You wonder how this could be?

The "No pending reboot" condition works the same way as other "only perform check if ..."  conditions in the list. If the schedule is "missed" due to an unsatisfied condition then the next installation does not occur immediately after the condition is satisfied, but the condition will be checked again at the next schedule.  So essentially you would need to wait until the next scheduled run time.