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NetOps Portal Dashboards with item List Views are slow to load


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Customer reports slow response and Freezing on Production Portal ,  On logging in i am able to navigate without much issue but on checking the Server stops i see load average at 1.25./1.29/1.31. mysqld is shows CPU usage between 50%-20% continuously. Are there any Mysql utilities or stats we can run to optimize the indexing to increase transaction reponse.

DX NetOps Performance Management Portal web server release 21.2.12 shows slow loading of Dashboards. Administrative pages are not impacted. The Alarm Console works fine. Only Dashboards are slow to load.

Dashboards seen with slow load times are against the All Groups default Group and contain Inventory List Views. The slowest has both the Interface List View and the Device List View on the page.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management Portal web server releases


Large item counts causing slow count processing on large Dashboards.


There are a two common ways to resolve this.

  1. First is changing a value in the MySql netqosportal DB.
    1. This was introduced in 21.2.7 per the 21.2 release Fixed Issues page. It contains:
      • Symptom: Inventory views in NetOps Portal display the first 5,000 item, but they use a query that determines how many actual rows to return if it was not for the limit. This number is displayed in the lower right corner of the view. However, getting this number can significantly reduce the performance of MySQL's queries.
      • Resolution: With this fix, the Administrator can disable calculating the real count using the new UniversalList.CalcRealCount general table parameter, which can cause the inventory view to load in sub-seconds rather than taking 20 seconds. By default, this parameter is set to true.
      • (21.2.7, DE521648, 32927958,32944696)
    2. Open a MySql prompt and use the following to change it.
      • replace into netqosportal.general values ('UniversalList.CalcRealCount','false');
    3. Once changed close all open browsers and launch a fresh new one. Log in to validate improved results for load times.
  2. Second is using smaller item sets. Using All Groups is always going to be the slowest to load in Dashboards.