Regarding SYSCHK1 and OPSLOG volumes
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Regarding SYSCHK1 and OPSLOG volumes


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have OPSLOG and SYSCHK1 in individual volumes for each LPAR  As of now, these volumes are online across LPARs, but soon they will be made offline for other LPARs in plex, ie. each LPAR will have access to its own volumes (for OPSLOG and SYSCHK1) only and the other volumes will be made offline. 

All OPSMVS are connected by MSF. Now do we need to perform any pre-work or will OPSMVS be affected in anyways if other volumes are made offline?



Release : 13.5


There shouldn't be any problems.

In fact, the SYSCHK1 and OPSLOG dataset CANNOT be shared among OPS instances and there are no reasons why one OPS instance would have to allocate those files from another OPS instance.