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Directory XML Failed to import - The content of element 'ValidationRuleSet' is not complete. One of '{ValidationRule}' is expected.


Article ID: 255943


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CA Identity Suite


Unable to import environment getting error message:

Error: (64:100): cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'ValidationRuleSet' is not complete. One of '{ValidationRule}' is expected.

Failed to import


Release : 14.4


The error points to the problem, there is a ValidationRuleSet that is missing a ValidationRule. 
When we examined the directory.xml and compared it against an out-of-the-box Attribute Validation definition (included below for reference) we found that in this specific instance, the ValidationRuleSet name="International phone format" was missing a ValidationRule and a closing tag:

The out of the box Validation Rule for International phone format should be set to <ValidationRule name="Set International"/> and needs a closing tag </ValidationRuleSet>


Additional Information

Following is the default out of the box Attribute Validation definition for reference purposes:

        <ValidationRule name="Valid User" description="Validates user unique name" messageid="4002">
            <Java class="com.netegrity.ims.rule.ValidUser"/>
        <ValidationRule name="Valid Organization" description="Validates organization unique name" messageid="4002">
            <Java class="com.netegrity.ims.rule.ValidOrg"/>
        <ValidationRule name="Valid Group" description="Validates group unique name" messageid="4002">
            <Java class="com.netegrity.ims.rule.ValidGroup"/>
        <ValidationRule name="Set International" description="Add +1 to the number" messageid="4002">
            <JavaScriptFile file="phone.js"/>
        <ValidationRule name="Phone pattern" description="+nn nnn-nnn-nnnn" messageid="4001">
        <ValidationRuleSet name="International phone format" description="Set phone to +1 nnn-nnn-nnnn"/>
             <ValidationRule name="Set International"/>
        <ValidationRuleSet name="Phone format" description="Verify format +nn nnn-nnn-nnnn">
            <ValidationRule name="Phone pattern"/>
        <ValidationRuleSet name="Organization Validation">
            <ValidationRule name="Valid Organization"/>
        <ValidationRuleSet name="Group Validation">
            <ValidationRule name="Valid Group"/>
        <ValidationRuleSet name="User Validation">
            <ValidationRule name="Valid User"/>