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Discover Endevor FMID without CSI information


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Can't find the JCL to receive/apply V18.1 maintenance, can't track down the CSI.  Is there a way to discover what FMIDs have been installed for Endevor V18.1 ?



Release : 18.1


Person who applied Endevor V18.1 maintenance left company.


Check Endevor datasets to determine which FMIDs have been installed. 

 CSIQI10 /*CA Endevor SCM                          */    
 CSIQI11 /*CA Endevor SCM Japanese Localization    */    
 CSIQI12 /*CA Endevor SCM for Natural              */    
 CSIQI13 /*CA Endevor SCM for Web Services         */    

FMID CSIQI10 installs the regular base data sets:


FMID CSIQI11 installs the additional data sets:

FMID CSIQI12 installs the additional data sets:


FMID CSIQI13 installs the additional data set:



Additional Information

CSI information can be found in the SMP/E receive or apply JCL.

Follow this KB  run SMP/E list job against Endevor CSI to determine what FMID are installed .