We have a client with many jobs and they would like to monitor ALL the jobs. How can we do this in Autosys?
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We have a client with many jobs and they would like to monitor ALL the jobs. How can we do this in Autosys?


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Autosys Workload Automation



I got a request from the client, where they need to monitor specific job flows on WCC. 
I thought that global commands would be helpful on this case, but they need too many jobs/flows included. 
Please see below the list of jobs / commands and let me know if you have another solution to accomplish their needs.

They want to create a specific global command for each box/job:

The Box Batches need to be added
autorep -J n%|grep RU
autorep -J n%|grep FA
autorep -J abc6% | grep 'FA'
autorep -J abc6% | grep 'RU'
autorep -J abc6% | grep 'SU'
autorep -J n%new%off%daily%
autorep -J n%new%tab%12%daily%
autorep -J n%chg%batch%
autorep -J n%synch%ref%
autorep -J n%capis%
autorep -J npa6%dcs%
autorep -J job123 -q
autorep -J job123


Autosys 12.x
WCC 12.X



The solution you have is probably the best even though it is cumbersome.

there are other options I will list out below but all have their drawbacks as well.
Options 1:
You could modify all of the jobs so add a group attribute or application attribute
this would allow you to then run a single autrep command and use the -I or -B command line switch to pull all of the jobs at once.




The downside is that someone could use the same field to do a send event command and start all of the jobs at once.
Also, this may take considerable effort to modify all of the jobs.

Option 2:
Create a View for all of the jobs in WCC.

The downside to this is, depending on the actual number of jobs this could impact the performance of WCC or just be very slow.

Option 3:
Use REST AWES calls to return the job information.


Example 1:
curl -X GET "https://<AEWS_SERVER>:9443/AEWS/job-run-info?filter=runStartTime%3E2023-04-05" -H "accept: application/json"

Example 2:
you can add application==appname in addition

curl -X GET "https://<AEWS_SERVER>:9443/AEWS/job-run-info?filter=runStartTime%3E2023-04-05%3Bapplication%3Dabcd" -H "accept: application/json"