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DevTest Performance report is missing Error percentage while JMeter report shows it.


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Service Virtualization


While comparing DevTest and Jmeter performance testing reports observed that Jmeter is recording Error Percentage while we dont see that in DevTest Report.

We are calculating the Error% using the below formula : Error% = (no.of errors / total samplers )*100.


Please find the details below:

Passed: calculates the report data based on requests that succeeded – http response code 200+
Failed:  calculates the report data based on requests that failed with http response code 400+, and other non-http errors such as Embedded Resource and Connection Lost. 
Failed – Assertions: calculates the report data based on requests that failed due to Assertions defined in the JMeter script.
·        Error Percentage
The Error rate per label. While the test is running, it displays value based on samples already completed, and a final value after completion of test execution.


Please find the below table for example:






All supported releases of DevTest.




As per our engineering team, Jmeter uses a different terminology. The 'Tests Aborted' count in our report is as good as ERROR count in Jmeter report.