AppNeta Universal Licenses - Managing licenses and over usage
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AppNeta Universal Licenses - Managing licenses and over usage


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What happens if I exceed my AppNeta Universal License (AUL) allotment?  What if I have too many monitoring points or over used Delivery paths?


In this case, the monitoring points will continue to be available and the delivery paths will continue to operate.  An email will be sent to all Organization Administrators to indicate the over-usage or over-subscription.

Org Administrators can check their check Licensing by clicking the gear icon and selecting Manage Licences:

This will show you the current available AUL's, how much is in use and available, and the %.


If Licences have expired, or overused, you'll see this indicated: 



You can contact your Account Manager or Account Director to review your account status. 

You can also remove unneeded licenses by deleting monitoring points that are no longer used, or by removing older delivery or experience paths that are consuming Add-On licenses.

****Please note any changes to licensing may take 4 hours to reflect in your account

Additional Information

Have a look at our documentation for more details:

Action When Subscriptions are Exceeded

If you have used all licenses in your subscription, you may still connect additional Monitoring Points and create additional applications to do the monitoring you need to do. If you exceed your subscription, Organization Admins will be notified by email and on the Manage Licenses
While it is not typical to have unlicensed Monitoring Points or applications, any that remain unlicensed are now licensed. If this causes your subscription to be exceeded, then any unneeded Monitoring Points or application paths can be deleted to free up licenses.