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Bookmarks to Modern with SAML do not work


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Bookmarks to Modern with SAML do not work


Release : 16.0.3


1. Ability to use direct link to Modern UX with SSO (without removing the direct link to Classic). i.e. use both links https://SERVERNAME/niku and https://SERVERNAME/pm directly from browser

2. Ability to set up deeplinks to Modern UX for use in bookmarks, notifications, integrations, URLs

This feature is available in 16.0.3.  However, it is required to run these clarity commands to enable it.
After the command is run, it is required to restart  the clarity services. 
Run this clarity command:

admin toggle-feature SSO_BOOKMARKS 1

or this SQL update:

update cmn_features set enabled=1 where code = 'SSO_BOOKMARKS'