Infrastructure Manager (IM) hangs in UIM 20.4 CU5
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Infrastructure Manager (IM) hangs in UIM 20.4 CU5


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We are running UIM 20.4 CU5 in our production environment.  For the past two weeks, when trying to access a probe, IM hangs and becomes unresponsive. We have to kill IM, go to %temp%\util and delete the temp files and restart it.

This was good for one or two tries, but it is becoming a problem as I have had to repeat this process once a day since yesterday.  And twice today.

Need assistance to determine why this is occurring.  Never experienced this problem before.  We are running IM on the Primary UIM server via RDP session.


  • Release: 20.4 CU5
  • Infrastructure Manager 20.4.5


- Latest IM version changes included in UIM 20.4 CU5


  1. Uninstall the Infrastructure Manager (IM) that was updated via the UIM 20.4 cumulative update (CU5), via the Windows 'Control Panel' (Programs)

    To check the existing IM version in UIM 20.4 CU5 you can display it from the IM Menu->Help->About:

      2. Install the last/previous version of the Infrastructure Manager (IM) prior to the CU5 update (Infrastructure Manager:4.10), which is attached to this KB Article.

Additional Information

IM updates to be aware of as per the UIM 20.4 CU5 Release notes:

Third-party components upgrade for vulnerability remediation for IM GUI (thick client)

  • IMGUI is refreshed by building with VS2017 and does not have a dependency on VS2008 runtime. The installer NimBUS Manager.exe located at Nimsoft\install\setup can be used to freshly install the refreshed IM GUI.
  • Single IM GUI installer for IPv4 and IPv6 environments. The older installer NimBUSManagerIPv6.exe located at Nimsoft\install\setup can be removed or need not be used.


NimBUS Manager_1670446727739.exe get_app