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Process Monitor alarms are not clearing when the process restarts.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We are using Spectrum Process Monitoring functionality to monitor a process that has dynamic parameters. When the process restarts, the parameters of the currnt process will be different from the previous process.

So when we create the Process Monitor in Spectrum, we uncheck the "Match Parameters" check box.

When the process stops we get the expected alarm on the device model.

However, when the process starts again, the alarm does not clear as expected.


Release : 22.2


Although the "Match Parameters" check box is unchecked, Spectrum is still using the parameters for clearing the alarm.


This issue is schedule to be resolved with Spectrum 22.2.6 when released. No specific release date at this time.

Additional Information

As a work around, setting the "Generate Alarm On" parameter for the Process Monitor will address this issue. This only occurs when the "Generate Alarm On" parameter is set on the Device model.