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Rally: Why Milestones always show up on Portfolio Timeline App


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In the portfolio Timeline view, milestones always show up. (Whether I select the Workspace Scoped Milestones or Not. ). This makes the view messy and unusable. We need a way to NOT show milestones )

Also, I can't change from % done by count to % done by points in this view. This also makes it unusable. 


Release: SAAS


Please note that the Rally Product team switched from the Portfolio Timeline app to the Timeline page in order to provide the application with more functionality (such as the option to conceal milestones), but it was never aimed to make the new Timeline available as an app. 


1. Please replace the Timeline APP with the Portfolio Timeline page using a custom URL (Recommended)

  • You can use the URL of the Portfolio--->Timeline page with the Custom URL app and it will show the timeline page on your dashboard.  The Timeline page supports the %Done by points as well.
  • Users can view with no milestones and progress in points:



2.  Community Timeline: ""

We discovered a similar app that does not display milestones and offers the option to display percentages as points rather than counts. 

Note: Please read all of the instructions carefully. Although this community app has been vetted, Rally Assistance does not provide support for it. 
Please ask the community for assistance if you have any queries about this app. 

Install steps:

1.     Create a custom page in Rally. (or select an existing page/dashboard)

2.     Add the app Custom HTML app

3.     The app opens in settings, there's a box for the HTML.  

4.     Open the attached text file in a text editor.  Select all and copy all the text.

5.     Paste the text into the app box.

6.     Save.

Configuring this app:

1.     Use the gear on the app and select Edit app settings.

2.     There's a Use story Points for percentages option.  Check if desired.

3.     To see the parents, check Group Portfolio Items option

4.     Use the query box to filter initial results.  Let me know if you need help writing your query.

5.     Save.

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