Allow access to "" when domain "" is blocked
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Allow access to "" when domain "" is blocked


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We need to allow access Linkedin sub-URLs e.g. "" when main domain "" is blocked



Issue - Need to allow access to "" but deny access to ""

Troubleshooting - 

In order to achieve this we will require SSL interception to be enabled and 3 separate rules in the VPM.

After enabling SSL interception, please create rules in Web Access Layer as follows - 

Rule 1 :

Source - Any,

Destination - Request URL Advanced Match, Action Allow (Refer screenshot below) - 


This rule will allow access to requested URL where domain is "" and URL path begins with "/learning"

Rule 2 : 

Source - Request Header (Referer) ,

Destination - Any

Action - Allow 

This rule will ALLOW requests where HTTP Header "Referer" will have value as ""

Rule 3 : 

Source - Any

Destination - Any

Service - Protocol Methods, Protocol -  HTTP, Method - CONNECT

Action - ALLOW

This rule is created to allow request transactions where HTTP method is CONNECT.

Once above 3 rules are created, Proxy will be able to intercept the SSL traffic for Linkedin and will allow only those URLs which have "/learning" at the beginning of their path.

Please note, SSL interception is required for this solution to work.