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How to list inactive users in VIP Manager


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VIP Service


I would like to know how to list inactive users. Users who haven't logged in for more than 60 days, as well as users without valid credentials. When I do the filters I can see in "last validation" users who have recently connected, but this is not true because many of them do not have valid credentials. I would like to make a more exact filter.


Release : Enterprise Gateway - 9.9.1

VIP Manager


Follow the below steps to filter the users who did not login in last 60 days.

  • Login to VIP manager and then go to User tab.
  • On the left side of the pane look for "Last Validated Not Within"
  • You can select the filter specified or do a custom filter say for last two months.
  • This filter will provide the details for the users who have not logged in for the last two months and validations were done 60 days ago.

Note: Users "Without a Credential" filter indicates that the user who does not have any credentials so the following Credential sections will be greyed out.