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Chassis not being discovered on Arista Devices in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


I am not seeing not seeing chassis discovery on Arista devices.   Cisco devices are discovering chassis however Arista devices are not.  Therefore we are not seeing line card failure alerts on Arista devices.


Release : Any
Component: Chassis Manager


We have verified the code and the issue is a lack of support for some of the attributes in the Entity mib. Specifically, entAliasMappingIdentifier ( OID value as part of entPhysicalTable. Spectrum uses this table to map the ports with the modules, which is the first step to proceed with the Chassis modeling.

Since this table and attributes are not populated, Spectrum does not set the HasChassis attribute id 0x12e4e to Yes to indicate this is a chassis device and populate the Chassis Manager.


This is an issue with the vendors support of the Entity mib.  There are missing components in the Entity table.

Additional Information

We can force Spectrum for unsupported/problematic devices (like the Arista devices) to continue with the chassis modeling reading the Entity mib by doing the following:

- Make a backup of the current $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file

- Edit the $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file and add the following entry to the end:


- Save the change

- Restart the SpectroSERVER process

- Log into OneClick

- Find and select an Arista model

- Click on the Attributes tab in the Component Detail panel

- Filter for and select the EnableEntityModuleModeling attribute id 0x12e5f and set the value to Yes

- Right mouse click on the Arista device model and select Reconfiguration -> Rediscover SNMP MIBs from the menu

- Right mouse click on the Arista device model and select Reconfiguration -> Reconfigure Model from the menu

There should now be an "Arista Networks, Inc" folder under the Chassis Manager.

The above will need to be performed on all Arista models in the database.

Please note that Spectrum will only build out the chassis as much as the information provided. Doing the above is no guarantee the chassis modeling will be complete as the device does not fully support the Entity mib.