Steps to update the iDash import time
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Steps to update the iDash import time


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iDash Workload Automation


Need the procedure to update the iDash import time


Release : 12.1.02


This is a procedure to update the iDash import time to skip running the import on older records.

All of this should be performed while iDash is down. This procedure should work because iDash asks for records with values greater than the values in its database, so even getting close should be fine.

1. First, to see the most recent run in the iDash DB:

For runs:

select * from idash_run order by start_time desc;

Translate the epoch time in the start_time as your starting point, and move back from there by some amount, one hour or so should do it.

For events:

Select * from idash_event order by que_status_stamp desc;

Take the values in the que_status_stamp and evt_num as is.


2. Find the record to update in the iDash database:
select * from idash_archive_events where archive_type = 'run';

ASM      1669746218727                 ["1669749810000","43343683"]                 4              (null)     run

                                                             que_status_stamp, evt_num

For Event records, same query but, the archive_type is ‘event’.  Back this record up, in case we need to revert. To update this record, you will run an update on the file_name query. This will be in a later step.


3. Find the timestamp and event number to use as your starting point:
select * from AEDBADMIN.ujo_proc_event where que_status_stamp > to_date('2022-11-22 01:00:00', 'yyyy-mm-dd HH24:MI:SS') and evt_num > 1 order by que_status_stamp asc;

Replace the to_date value with the time you calculated in step 1. Run the query and select the que_status_stamp and evt_num from the record. You may need to translate the que_status_stamp value from Autosys into an epoch value. Make sure to use 13 characters (milliseconds) when you update iDash DB in the next step.

4. Update the iDash DB with the selected values from the Autosys DB:
update idash_archive_events set file_name = '["new_time","new_event"]' where file_name = '["old_time","old_event"]' and archive_type = 'run';

For updating the Event timestamp, do the same, but with the archive_type as ‘event’.