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Troubleshooting log out issue with ErrorPage.jsp Debug 12.1.Web Viewer


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Output Management Web Viewer


The last day or two there has started to be an issue where a user logs in, tries to view a report, and then is immediately logged out. I myself experienced this, but slightly different. I logged on, navigated to web statistics > audit log, but when the log was loading I was kicked out. I'm not sure what could be the issue. To resolve I've had to stop and restart the Web Viewer.



Release : 12.1


When a user is kicked out to the 'An error has occurred...' and there is not information in the
expected logs

  1. Go to the path:

  2. Look for the file:

  3. Open it for Edit in WordPad and go to line 47

  4. There you will find:
    boolean debugMode=false;
  5. Change the debugMode to true as:
    boolean debugMode=true;

  6. Stop and start Tomcat to pick up the change.
  7. The user should put their cursor in the screen and do a <CNTL>A  (for select All text on the page)
  8. Followed by <CNTL>V (paste) to an email or text file to send to Broadcom Support.

  9. Recreate the issue and take a screen print of any results.