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VIp Authentication Hub installation on OpenShift fsGroup query


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VIP Authentication Hub


Why I have to fix the fsGroup in the apps that deploy in the OpenShift? by default in OpenShift this user is random.

For example in this parameters in the installation:

-set ssp.db.sslMode=REQUIRED --set$((SSP_FSGROUP)) --set$((SSP_GID)) --set$((SSP_UID))


Release : Oct.01

Platform : OpenShift


In non-OS clusters we needed to use a fixed fsGroup to allow proper access to volumes. In OS (in the restricted scc) , the value of the fsGroup is determined by the value specified in the namespace. In order to maintain a canonical deployment approach, we set the fsGroup value to the required value.

We will explore the option of removing (un-setting) this value of fsGroup completely for OS in future.