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Unable to apply CP2 to any 14.4.1 Node with Hotfixes applied


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CA Identity Suite


I've applied all 14.4.1 Hotfixes to all vAPP nodes. When I tried to apply the patch CP2 or 14.4 I'm getting this error back from the patch_vapp command:

[ERROR] This system already runs a same or higher CP level (20220428091838) , current patch (14.4.2) is not applicable
[ERROR] Failed installing Hotfix "/home/config/VAPP_Patches/IGA_CP2/iga-vapp-14-4-2.tar.gpg" - error code 32
[ERROR] The patch installation completed with error #32

Its seeing the HOTFIX date as newer then the CP2 patch and saying CP2 isn't needed. Can you please tell me how to get past this.



Release : 14.4 CP2


The issue is observed when VA 14.4.1 CHF2 patch is applied prior to applying vApp 14.4.2. It works if we do not have VA CHF2. It is an issue with vApp patch (patch-level comparison script).

The problem has been identified and fixed. We have refreshed the 14.4.2 vApp patch.


Download and apply the new, refreshed version of CP2, available on the download site as of 12/6/2022 or later. Disregard the originally released version of (14.4) CP2 from before 12/6/2022.

Additional Information

The originally published bad iga-vapp-14-4-2.tar.gpg file has a file size of 2.06 GB (2,216,801,934 bytes) where as the newly published corrected iga-vapp-14-4-2.tar.gpg file has a file size of 2.06 GB (2,221,995,766 bytes).