CAS9 is flagged for Userkey CSA usage
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CAS9 is flagged for Userkey CSA usage


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One of our production Lpars has a problem that CAS9 started task has been flagged for CSA usage.


Release : 15.0
Component: CAIRIM (Resource Initialization Manager)


CAS9 (CAIRIM) does not allocate Userkey CSA. Therefore, if something is being reported as belonging to CAS9, then it is likely tied to one or more of the products using CAS9 to initialize.

  1. Check CARIMPRM member to identify what product INIT statements might be defined
  2. Check with the specific product groups to determine whether they use Userkey CSA or have solutions related to ALLOWUSERKEYCSA

Most all supported mainframe products have taken the necessary steps to remove Userkey CSA usage as part of z/OS compatibility maintenance.

Check Mainframe Compatibilities to ensure all required maintenance is installed and implemented.


Additional Information

In one instance, a review of a dump containing common storage revealed an eyecatcher of "NTMNCA". This appeared to be related to CA Netman. Be aware that CA Netman went EOS back in 2013. As such, remove any related entry for CA Netman from the CAS9 parmlib member.Another suggestion is to check whether ALLOWUSERKEYCSA is set in SYS1.PARMLIB(DIAGxx) on the various LPARS. This may provide some idea why some LPARS might flag this CSA usage and others may not.