Using DML/O to validate mixed page group support
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Using DML/O to validate mixed page group support


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This article describes how DML/O can be used to confirm that mixed page groups have been implemented successfully.


Release : All supported releases
Component: DML/O


Using DML/O, connect to the database with a subschema and dbname combination that you know will enable you to OBTAIN records that are in the various page groups involved.

For each different page group, OBTAIN a record that will resolve to an area in that page group.

Once the record is OBTAINed, issue the SHOW KEYPADS command. The resulting screen will show you which page group the OBTAINed record is in.

In these sample screenshots, the page group is circled in red.

Record MPGR1 is in page group 1:

Record MPGR2 is in page group 2: