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Error : Sharepoint agent's PowerShell script errors while connecting to SharePoint DB.


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)


SharePoint agent's Powershell script errors as " The specified network password is not correct", while connecting to SharePoint database using windows authentication for importing the SharePoint agents certificates into SharePoint DB.

Please refer the below screenshot for errors.


Release : 12.52 SP1 SharePoint agent


While executing the SharePoint script was unable to access the SharePoint database to update the certificate details.

This is because the script was executing to connect to MS SQML DB via local login credentials and these credentials are no allowed at MS SQL database and hence fails to update the certificate details.


Add the local login credentials for the SharePoint database with admin privilege's  for connecting to SharePoint DB via windows credentials using the local admin user to import the SharePoint certificate details via this PowerShell script.