UrlAnalyzer: Error 'core_status_url_reputation' processing URL in file 'URL only'
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UrlAnalyzer: Error 'core_status_url_reputation' processing URL in file 'URL only'


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Messaging Gateway


Messaging Gateway (SMG) is treating some URLs has having the Unknown URL category even though the URL shows a category in Symantec Sitereview.

The following error appears in the Messaging Gateway (SMG) logs. The URL content may change but there are multiple errors indicating an inability to process a URL with URL reputation scanning.

2023-02-10T13:22:23+03:00 (NOTICE:21301.1699804928): [86010] [ <[email protected]>] UrlAnalyzer: Missing category list for URL 'www.example.com\xD8\x8C' in file 'URL only'.  Original JSON: '[{"uri":"www.example.com\xD8\x8C","risk_level_query_errors":["core_status_url_reputation"],"query_errors":["core_status_url_reputation"]}]'.


Release : 10.8.0


URL extraction is not getting the proper URL string for submission to URL categorization.


This is a known issue and may be resolved by applying patch 10.8.0-293 which will address the problem for some URLs.

The issue will be fully addressed with the SMG 10.8.1 release.