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HourlyRollup data retention not showing more than default 90 days after being changed to a greater duration in CA Performance Management (CAPM)


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DX NetOps CA Infrastructure Performance CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


After changing the Hourly rollup data retention period from the default 90 days to 190, why does the hourly data still only show for the last 90 days?


DX NetOps CAPM Release : 20.2 or later


The reason for this is that the setting only changed on a certain date and the data is being looked at on the same date the change was made.


Say for example, the change is made on 2022/11/15. This means that from that date onwards, hourly data will be kept for 190 days before being rolled up into daily data.

However, prior to this date, the old settings would apply, which means that hourly data exists only for the previous 90 days so all data older than 2022/8/17 (90 days prior) will have already been rolled up into daily data. So hourly data for anything before this date no longer exists and changing the setting to 190 days will not bring that older data back after it has been rolled up.