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Processes are starting when start conditions are being not met post 16.1 upgrade


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


In 16.1.0 it is reported that the process on an investment, that uses "Previous Value" in start condition, will get invoked when any of the following changes are made to the financial plan record within that investment. Processes will be invoked even if the process conditions are not met.

  1. A new cost plan is created as a plan of record
  2. Any change made to the plan of record Cost Plan
  3. A budget plan is approved
  4. A benefit plan that’s associated with a cost plan (plan of record) is updated.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create process based on idea object with below start conditions
    1. Start Condition for Create
      ( ( ( ( ( ( ( Idea Idea Type = 'Basic' ) or ( Idea Idea Type = 'My Cust Type 1' ) ) or ( Idea Idea Type = 'My Cust Type 3' ) ) or ( Idea Idea Type = 'My Cust Type 4' ) ) or ( Idea Idea Type = 'My Cust Type 5' ) ) or ( Idea Idea Type = 'My Cust Type 6' ) ) or ( Idea Idea Type = 'My Cust Type 7' ) )
    2. Start Condition for Update
      ( Idea Idea Type != Idea Idea Type [Previous Value] )
      Note: Issue is observed with previous value comparison in the start condition.
  2. Connect start to finish step and validate process.
  3. In studio for Idea object set default for Idea Type attribute to 'Basic' or any other value.
  4. Financially enable idea with Location and Department values.
  5. Create Cost Plan on the idea and go to Details.
  6. Click on Populate from Allocations action.
  7. Observe process created in Step 1 got trigerred even though Idea Type value never changed.

Expected Results: Process should not trigger

Actual Results: Process is triggering.


Release : 16.1.0


DE67632, Fixed in Pre Patch 01 for 16.1.0


DE67632 will be fixed in patch 1 of 16.1.0 

  • Broadcom SaaS - The fix has been deployed vie below change number 
  • On Premise Customer reach out to Broadcom for additional information