Security Roles are not available for scoping
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Security Roles are not available for scoping


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


We set up and imported several roles from Active Directory. When I go to Settings -> Security -> Account Management and click the Roles tab the new Roles are visible; however, if I go to a newly created target and modify the scoping, these newly created roles are not present. 


Release: 8.6


The Roles lacked the necessary permissions.


In the IT Management (ITMS) Console, go to Settings>Security>Security Role Manager. You will see the following:

  1. Choose the Role that you want to include in the scoping menu. In this example, the Role is called "Professional Services".
  2. Choose "All Items".
  3. Browse to the "Resource Management" folder.
  4. Check the Read, Read Permissions, and Write boxes under "System Permissions".
  5. Click on the "Save Changes" button.

Now the "Professional Services" Role will appear: