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UIM alerts from a specfic instance are not published on SOI


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Some alarms from the UIM connector to SOI are not showing in SOI and they are not auctioning the subsequent incidents.

Only alarms coming from a specific set of instances are no longer getting through. 


All other alarms from the same connector, but coming from different sources are getting through and processed correctly. 

The alarms affected are visible in the UIM OC console, in SOI no longer since the issue started. 

No policy that is interfering
Maintenance is not used.





SOI : “"


Catalyst Installer:

PROD UIM 20.4.4



We can see in catalyst logs that the CIs are not creating properly and so, it is failing while creating the sheet with SOI.

There are some corrupted CIs within the SOI Database which we have to remove from SOI.

2022-11-22T17:57:41,584 ERROR [JMS xxxxxxxxxx_CatalystConnector] impl.SessionImpl.createSheet(415) [SOI] - 
createSheet Failed with Exception:Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.ca_xxx_xxx_xxxxl' with unique index 'mdr_id_idx'. The duplicate key value is (, Zxxxxxxxxx5, CA:00050). :ID:927FE8BA53EB4E34B459D87A71BC9D0F: XML:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

All the alarms are publishing from Connectors but its clearing due to a corrupt CIs.


Completely remove the Connector and redeploy:


1. Stop the Catalyst container service.

2. Remove connector from SOI UI Administration --> Connector configuration

3. Once it's removed all the CIs and alert. Please run the below SQL query on the SOI database. There should not be any entries in the below table after removing the connector:

   select * from ca_ssa_ci_detail where c_mdrproduct='CA:00050';    

4. Start the Catalyst container.



Additional Information

Is the container cannot be removed due to corruption, the deletion needs to be done manually with delete statements to the DB. In that case please engage Broadcom Support by logging a new support case.