Actuals for inactive projects are not displayed in the Staffing page
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Actuals for inactive projects are not displayed in the Staffing page


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Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a Project
    1. Populate Department and Location on it
    2. Set Financial Status to Open
    3. Create a Task in the Project
  2. Enter a Transaction against the Project
    1. Navigate to Home -> Transaction Entry
    2. Create a Voucher Other record
    3. Create a transaction for quantity = 2500, Cost = 1, Rate = 1
  3. Run jobs
    1. Post to WIP
    2. Import Financial Actuals
    3. Post Actuals to Investments
    4. Update Financial Plan Actuals and Forecast
  4. Change Financial Status of the project to Closed, Deactivate the project 
  5. Run the Time Slicing Sync job, with "Force Update" set to "Yes"
  6. Check Actuals in Modern UX
    1. Navigate to Staffing page -> Staff Grid
    2. Filter for the project from Step 1
    3. Display Actuals Per-Period metric, with Periods as Years
    4. The Start and Finish period must cover the transaction entry from Step 2
  7. Activate the project
  8. Run the Time Slicing Sync job again
  9. Check Actuals as in Step 6

Expected Result: The Actuals are updated when the job runs in step 5

Actual Result: Actuals are not updated in step 5. They only get updated in step 10.


Version: 16.1.0


Reported to Product Management via DE67622.


This behaviour has been determined to be working as expected. Time Slicing Sync job ignores inactive investments. Further details about this behaviour have been added into the documentation referenced below.