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No alarm asserted on an interface model in Spectrum when the interface is configured to alarm


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


In the Interface tab of a device model in OneClick, we see an interface where the Status is Down yet we do not see an alarm for this interface. We have GeneratePortStatusAlarms and PollPortStatus set to True yet no alarm is asserted.


Release : Any


The value of the PortAlwaysDown attribute Yes. Spectrum will not alarm on a port model if the PortAlwaysDown attribute is Yes.

The PortAlwaysDown attribute is set to Yes if the ifOperStatus is Down AND the ifAdminStatus is set to Up when the port model is first created.


When Spectrum detects the interface is both ifAdminStatus and ifOperStatus are Up, then Spectrum will change the value of the PortAlwaysDown attribute to No.

Then, when Spectrum detects the ifAdminStatus is Up and the ifOperStatus is Down, Spectrum will alarm on the port model.