Updating Primary role is not updated on team or task assignment
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Updating Primary role is not updated on team or task assignment


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When either a resource's primary role or project role is updated, for already allocated/assigned resource roles are not updated.


When a resource is added to a team, their project role defaults to their Primary Role (if one is associated to the resource)  If no primary role is associated, the investment role/project role is blank.

If the resource's primary role is changed on the resource properties, the already allocated team project role does not update.

Same behavior carries through to the assignment roles.

 - If an investment/project role is changed after the assignment has been made, the assignment role is not automatically updated.

Any newly added assignments will pick up the role associated  on the team.




Release : 16.1.0


This is working as designed.

There are many scenarios where a resource may be working as a different role on a project team or even on different tasks/assignments.

The roles may have been updated on assignments after the assignment is made to show the resource is working as a different role on that task.

If the roles at the lower levels (investment or assignment) automatically changed when the higher level role is changed this would cause issues with assignments.


If the roles at the lower level truly need to up updated, one way to do this would be to create a portlet using the assignment data provider.  Add some filters and make it so it does not populate until filtered as there would be a large amount of data to initially display.

Here you could update all the records in the grid.

Note that when calculating earned value costs and role is part of the rate matrix, only the role on the project team is used to find the cost, not the specific assignments.

However, when posting financial transactions, those will go down to the lowest level of the assignment to find the cost associated with the role on the matrix.  This can cause differences between earned value costs (etc cost, acwp/actual cost) on the assignment and what is shown on the cost plan.  This too is working as designed.