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Web VPM may add "_FORWARD_" to name of the condition.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When creating combined object that is used in forwarding layer, web VPM appends "_FORWARD_" to name of the object:

When viewing CPL configuration of combined object named "Forward" we will see the following:

Combined object created using legacy Java VPM will not have "_FORWARD_" appended to its name. Any subsequent modifications of the policy made using Web VPM will result in the change of the name.

Example: Using Java VPM user created "Forward" condition which is used in forwarding layer. Using Web VPM, user then modified rule in different layer (e.g. Web Access). When that modification is pushed to the device, VPM will rename combined condition "Forward" to "Forward_FORWARD_".



  • Web VPM


This is expected behavior. 


There's no need to take any actions as this is expected behavior. 

Additional Information

Behavior described above may cause policy installation failure if condition used in forwarding layer is also referenced in other policies e.g. local policy file, forward policy file. 

Example: Using Java VPM user created "Forward" combined condition which is used in forwarding layer. The same condition is referenced in local policy file. When user attempts to make a policy modification using Web VPM, proxy will return an error that it cannot complete policy installation. Policy installation will fail because "Forward" condition referenced in local policy file no longer exists (It was renamed to "Forward_FORWARD_").