MAXPROCSYS reached Max Defined processes
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MAXPROCSYS reached Max Defined processes


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


In production, they found a lot of processes remained open and that caused the MAXPROCSYS to reach the maximum defined (they set this parameter to  500). They had to stop/restart SYSVIEW to reset the parameter. 



Release : 16.0



PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                                   
The JVM component of SYSVIEW automatically discovers JVMs running      
on a system. Once a JVM is recognized, the JVMDATA subtask that        
runs in the SYSVIEW main address space is responsible for determining  
the Java version being used by the JVM. In order to determine the      
version, JVMDATA will attempt to execute the Java executable file      
that lives in the bin directory under the Java home directory used     
by the JVM. To do this, a new OMVS session in a new address space      
will be spawned to execute the "java -version" command.                
The user id that runs the SYSVIEW main address space must have execute 
permissions to the Java executable file in order to resolve the Java   
version. If the SYSVIEW user id does not have execute permissions to   
the Java executable file, the spawned OMVS session will fail to close. 
This leads to the address space and OMVS session running under it to be
stuck indefinitely in a waiting state.                                 
One symptom of this bug is seeing several address spaces of type  
OTX being created with the same name as the SYSVIEW main address  
space. In the case where the SYSVIEW main address space's jobname 
is less than 8 characters, an increasing numeric will be appended 
to the end of the SYSVIEW main address space jobname. For example,
if the SYSVIEW jobname is SYSVIEW, the OTX address spaces will get
created with names SYSVIEW1, SYSVIEW2, SYSVIEW3, etc.

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