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PM/VNA SDWAN Dashboard showing incorrect tunnels


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DX NetOps CA Virtual Network Assurance


We have DX Netops 21.2.8 installed, PM, Spectrum and VNA.

VNA is used with Viptela to get the SDWAN data and metrics from Vmanage. Vmanage is version 20.6.x

The VNA Gateway is configured and we're getting the data in.

However, when we take a close look at the out of the box SDWAN Tunnel Statistics dashboard, the data seems to be wrong.

Looking at the SDWAN routers, the tunnels modeled in the dashboards are not present at all when looking in Vmanage. 

We're also getting 100% packet drops and a lot of missing data, but this could be related to the incorrect modeling.

Looking at the routers in the PM inventory, the tunnels are correct. 




Dx NetOps Virtual Network Assurance  21.2


Source and destination are swapped around.


Selecting a site makes it the destination and not the source, this is why the tunnels are shown differently.