Missing Data Sources in UIM Dashboard Designer after importing from different instance
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Missing Data Sources in UIM Dashboard Designer after importing from different instance


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are trying to migrate a dashboard (made in dashboard designer) from a somewhat older installation, and putting it on a new UIM 20.4 CU5.

We have exported a dashboard from the old instance and imported correctly into the new one. 

The dashboard uses some text widgets to show numeric QoS data, but we are not able to see or modify which QoS source is being used in the new imported dashboard. 



Release : UIM 20.4


Data Sources are not migrated


If you have exported a Dashboard from a totally different UIM implementation with a different Database the new dashboard imported will have objects with no (working) Datasource attached to it.

In the new dashboard, these data sources need to be readded. 

The new might show retained data sources metric, but they would not have matching metrics in the new environment, as it would still refer to the old dashboard. 

This link widget-data source needs to be refreshed with the same metric if the same metric is present in the new system. 


You will need to select each widget and drag and drop the correct data source to it. 

The  "Data Sources" tab does not indicate what Datasource is already added to a widget. But it gives the possibility to add a new one.

Instead, when you select a widget and you look at the configuration (second key icon tab) down below in the "Data source" section is where it tells which data source is applied to a widget. 




To fix this: 

In the new Dashboard, select a widget, Go to the data source tab 

In "Data Sources" tab now and select the correct metric to be used by the text widget and drag and drop it.

To find the correct one you may need to use the QOS type which is hidden in the "Show Advanced data sources" and possibly use the "QOS" one. 


After you add a valid QoS if it's currently in the DB it will feed your widget correctly.

If you don't do that, obviously the widget wouldn't know where to get data from as the data source stored was from the old environment.