WARNING message, possible setup error, Date/Time Error
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WARNING message, possible setup error, Date/Time Error


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InterTest - Batch


Got the following WARNING message in InterTest Batch. 

 ---------------- CA-InterTest Batch - POSSIBLE SETUP ERROR ---- Date/Time Error

                            *                  *                               
                            *     WARNING      *                               
                            *                  *                               
 Program PGM-NAME compiled on 07/16/19 at 19:29:28 has been entered but no     
 matching symbolic information was found in any of the PROTSYM file specified.

Select a symbolic file for ULREBSTM ===> 1                                    
 Total   1   versions found. Page Up/Down for more selections.                 
          Dsname                                       Date      Time          
    1 - INTERT.BATCH.PROTSYM                        11/29/22  17:22:10      

      C - Cancel monitoring for this program                                   
      X - Exit the debugging session                                                        

What is the reason of this WARNING message and how can it be fixed?.


Release : 11.0


The Warning message is not a software problem in InterTest Batch.

InterTest Batch simply tells the end user that they try to debug program load module compiled on 7/16/19 at 19:29:28 with PROTSYM entry only has compiled listing version 11/29/22 at 17:22:10. So InterTest Batch gives a warning to the end user that you might getting incorrect debug session due to load module and compile listing date time mismatch.

Either the end user find newer version of load module that compiled 11/29/22 at 17:22:10 or they need to find compile listing 7/16/19 at 19:29:28 and load the listing to the PROTSYM file.