Creating an Idea from Template throws a 500 error
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Creating an Idea from Template throws a 500 error


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You are creating an Idea from Template.  There is a required OBS field with a default.  You update the OBS field to another value.  When clicking 'Create' you receive-

ERROR 500- Internal Server Error.  The server could not retrieve the document due to server-configuration or other technical problems.  Contact your site administrator.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Log in to Classic view
  2. Go to Administration>>OBS
  3. Create New OBS with one level
  4. Add Idea under Associated Objects
  5. Click on the Units tab
  6. Create two new units
  7. Go to Administration>>Objects>>Idea>>Attributes
  8. Click on the OBS Attribute
  9. Add a default value
  10. Add API Attribute ID
  11. Click Save & Return
  12. Click on Audit Trail
  13. Add the obs unit to audit
  14. Save & Return
  15. Go to MUX
  16. Go to Administration>>Blueprints
  17. Copy Standard Idea, rename
  18. Open the new Blueprint>>Edit 
  19. Click on Rules
  20. New Rule
  21. Target Object = Idea
  22. Conditions = Always True
  23. Actions = Required Attribute & newly created OBS
  24. Click Create
  25. Go to Create from Template
  26. Drag the OBS to under New Idea
  27. Publish
  28. Create a new idea 
  29. Associate it with the new blueprint
  30. Mark it as a Template
  31. Click New from Template
  32. Select your template
  33. Enter required information
  34. On OBS drop down, select another value than the default
  35. Click Create

Expected Results: The Idea is created

Actual Results: Receiving 500 error


Release : 16.0.3+




Fixed in 16.1.1

Workaround -

Three options

  • Remove the OBS from the Audit Trail OR
  • Remove the default value on the OBS Attribute OR
  • Do not make any changes to the OBS when creating from template.  Update after clicking Create