Running an Easytrieve Db2 program, what is needed?
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Running an Easytrieve Db2 program, what is needed?


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Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


What is needed to run an Easytrieve Db2 program?

Is Easytrieve DB2 a component of Eazytrieve z/OS?  Do both come under a single SMPE libraries ?

What about Pan/SQL ? Is this also part of the same SMPE setup ?


Easytrieve Report Generator, Release : 11.6
Pan/SQL 2.4C


To run an Easytrieve Db2 product, three things are needed:
1. the installation of the Easytrieve release 11.6 product, which includes the Db2 option
2. A license both for the base product and the Db2 option (a component under the Easytrieve product)
3. the installation of the Pan/SQL product, without needing a license.

So, Pan/SQL is a separate product, separate installation, installed usually under a separate CSI.