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IM hub GUI Status tab: Queue status information shows wrong values


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Rarely, Infrastructure Manager (IM), in the Status Tab, Subscribers/queues shows wrong / mixed up information. 

For example, the subject/queues column is intermittently displaying a mismatching subject that does not correspond to the subject the queue actually subscribes to. 

When running the Probe Utility hub callback list_subscribers, it does not show these mismatches, and on the list returned everything seems to be correct. 

Should we worry about this issue? 


Release : UIM 20.x - (IM 4.10 / IM 20.45)


This is a rare, non-reproducible IM GUI issue.


The functioning of the queues and of the hub, while this is observed, continues to be correct. This is purely a GUI issue and does not interfere with normal operations and does not represent a real problem. 

After a hub restart, the display mismatch is usually resolved. If this is causing any issues please contact Broadcom Support.