VKG0330I BYPASSED field is not defined for object=POOLS
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VKG0330I BYPASSED field is not defined for object=POOLS


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager



Windows was upgraded from 7 to 10 and VANTAGE 12.7.871 reinstalled. 

After the install when the Storage Group views is selected, the following  error message is displayed:

VKG0330I BYPASSED field is not defined for object=POOLS. 



Release : 14.0

Release: 14.1


Need to install the current available is Release 12.7.871.5.

To download the base for build 871 and patch 5, please go to our CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager Detailed Service Pack Information for Windows.

As this is a Windows installation, the Database with all user created content is located in the folder created during the installation of the release you are running. Remember to make a backup of this folder and copy it to the folder where the new release is installed. Keep in mind that for this GUI Client you'll need to install the base first and then the patch 5.

The latest (whichever is correct) releases of VANTAGE MVS and MTC-M are 14.1 and 14.1.2 respectively.

VANTAGE download is the link from which VANTAGE 14.1 and MTC-M 14.1.2 can be downloaded.