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Controlling appearance of "What's New in Version *" popup


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Continuous Delivery Director


We are trying to prevent the pop-up of the new version from appearing again. We mark the check of "Don't show this window again until the next update" but the next day it comes out again. It seems that the check only affects one day. Can it be disabled forever?


Release : 8.4



The New Release details popup is re-presented on login to user as there seems to be a policy in your environment resulting in clearing of cookies which are day old.

The current feature design is as described below.

1: User logs in to CDD and the pop up is presented

2: Once shown the cookies are set in correspondence reflecting that pop up is presented.

3: When a user is re-login later at any point of time with preserved cookies the pop-up is never presented.


There is no way to disable this popup via any configuration in the product as the cookies configuration are preserved at client end via browser cookies.

The solution we can recommend is to add CDD cookies to whitelist, preventing removal of cookies of CDD from system.

Additional Information

If you feel there is a need to enable management of popup for all users from server end requiring moving of this configuration at server side, please submit an Enhancement Request(ER) for same on CDD community -> Idea as it will be requiring a changes in product design with a new implementation.