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Getting various popup toast messages in the Modern UX on the SSO app instance


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Most of the Modern UX works, but some pages return a popup toast message.  The text of the popup may be different for each error.


Release : 16.0.2



In an environment with Single Sign On (classic, not SAML) a Reverse Proxy is used.  This URL or hostname may be different than the clarity hostname.

As a result, Clarity may block the request due to  CORS policies


Open the web browser Developer Tools and go to "Network"

Reproduce the problem and look for any 403 errors in the Network tab.

Review the Response from the server for 403 errors.

If you see a "CORS Origin Not Allowed" message, please proceed with the following

Identify the hostname / URL of your Reverse Proxy.  In this example: ""

Run these commands as the clarity administrator or as root from the clarity\bin\ folder

admin system-options -add CORS_ALLOW_ORIGIN '' -multi
admin system-options -add CONTENT_SECURITY_DOMAINS -multi

Restart the clarity app services and re-test