getting system load information via policy
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getting system load information via policy


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CA API Gateway


Is there a way we can write a policy to get the system load information such as cpu utilization or the load information shown on the dashboard for each node in the cluster?



Release : 10.1


Not in policy but from Policy Manager:


The getaway collect service metrics data that is store in the SSG DB, this data is displayed by Policy Manager Dashboard 

From Policy Manager top menu click “View” then “Dashboard”

There are TWO tabs. What can be view:

Service Metrics can display ALL Nodes OR you can select a specific node (NOTE you can also get data for ALL Services OR a specific Service form it’s pull down)

Service Metrics tab: Shows the Message Rate received and Response time in the main section.  The section to the right show values of responses time

Cluster Status tab: Shows ALL gateways in the cluster and there status, including Load share %, Request Routed %, load Ave, uptime, and IP

The lower section shows Service Statics

CPU is a system parameter and is not part of the out-of-box data collection


Added on product

Broadcom also has a product: CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) solution, the Gateway team integrated APM agent with the APIM Gateway. Called CA PRECISION API MONITORING 3.4


The capabilities of this solution include:


Collecting the following metrics:

  • service metrics (latencies, success counts, routing failures, policy violations, and so on) to capture the required information when performing traces.
  • Assertion level metrics
  • CA API Gateway Java virtual machine (JVM) metric
  • Gateway OS monitoring metrics including CPU, memory, swap, and so on.
  • Metrics of Mysql DB that the gateway is connected to