404 Error on Console Manager following upgrade of AP server to 11.7
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404 Error on Console Manager following upgrade of AP server to 11.7


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Automation Point


I've upgraded one of our Automation Point servers to version 11.7 (base version) and activated console manager.  When I tried accessing console manager for this server from a browser, I am getting an error 404 (file or directory not found).  I have IIS turned on for this server.

I was able to install AP 11.7, activated Console Manager on two other servers, and I was able to access them from a browser.


1)  When Console Manager is activated, where is the site located in the server's file directory?

2) Is IIS required for Console Manager to work?  I have AP 11.7 install that does not require IIS for Console Manager to work, and another server that needs IIS.

Can you help on how to troubleshoot this issue?


Release : 11.7 SP1 or higher


With 11.7 SP1 AP now uses NodeJS rather than IIS, which is no longer distributed.  


IIS is no longer distributed with Automation Point 11.7 as it is no longer required.  Initial troubleshooting documentation may be found in manual section titled Alert Manager and Console Manager Web Page Cannot Be Reached:     https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-mainframe-software/automation/automation-point/11-7-1/release-notes/known-issues/alert-manager-and-console-manager-web-page-cannot-be-reached.html

In summary the IIS is blocking the connection and the port for it needs to be changed.  

As for the server's file directory, prior to AP 11.7.SP1 it would be in the Tomcat war files.  After SP1 they are in the NodeJS default location. 


For the AP Alert Manager and Notification Manager website access..
Please check in the Web services if you have specified in the Trusted CORS filed the localhost or all IP access (address as per the below:

If they are not specified, then they should be added and the AP Rest Server needs to be recycled via the Services in AP Configuration Manager, or the APNODE service in the Windows Services app.

The location of the NodeJS application of AP are still in the original location in the AP Programs Files(x86) Node directory...
And with Windows Task Manager you can see how they are executed and from what location: