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PAM 4.0.4: Can not save "Remove Restored Recordings Older than" value at purge policy.


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


When I tested on new feature at 4.0.4, I can not test restored recordings files purge policy.
Because I set some value at  "Remove Restored Recordings Older than" value at purge policy.
But it reset when I move another configuration page.
So,  I can not purge restored recording files.

Reproduce steps is here:

  1. Login to PAM console.
  2. move configuration > Logs > Session Recordings > Purge Policy tab
  3. set "Remove Restored Recordings Older than (days):" such like "3".
  4. click Update and confirm  success message as "PAM-UI-1375: Session Recording Purge saved successfully."
  5. move another menu, for example, Syslog.
  6. back to  Session Recordings > Purge Policy tab

Expected Result:
  show the value which is set at step 3 in above steps. such as 3 at this example.

Actual Result:
  reset to 0.


Release : 4.0.4


Development team finds root cause of the problem in UI function.

It seems to be missing update stored value for this parameter.


The problem will fixed next release, 4.1.2 or so.

Additional Information

This is UI problem.  So, API can set the value correctly.
Please use following API to change configuration:

Settings > API Doc
  PUT /cspm/ext/rest/config/logs/sessionRecordingPurge

Also, API can check current configuration.

GET /cspm/ext/rest/config/logs/sessionRecordingPurge